Opposition to Common Core: Alive & Well in Ohio

On April 9th, over 500 interested citizens from across Ohio gathered in the Capitol Theater in Columbus to hear a “team” of speakers who presented Common Core 101.  Although the primary goal of the forum was to present information about Common Core to the legislators of the Ohio Assembly, only two Senators were present for the 3 hour meeting and a number of Representatives (including Auglaize Co. Rep. Jim Buchy) did make an appearance after the House finished their business half way through the presentation.

The excellent program included:  Jamie Gass, Director of the Pioneer Institute Center for School Reform, who gave an overview of how the Common Core standards came into being. Dr. Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow of the American Principles Project, who spoke to the controversial issue of student data collection and its purpose.  Megan Koschnick, PhD, a child clinical psychologist, who clearly demonstrated the fact that the Common Core standards are not necessarily geared to the appropriate age of the children, which leads to excessive testing and needless stress.  Dr. Stan Hartzler, mathematics educator and cognitive psychology researcher, explained to the crowd that Common Core’s rejection of traditional mathematics will further “dumb down” math education in general.  Dr. Terrence Moore, professor of history at Hillsdale College and classical school adviser, gave examples of how the Common Core ELA standards will rob students of the tradition goal of reading and understanding great literature in high school by forcing more non-fiction reading requirements.

If you could not attend this highly informative forum, please look for a video of the presentation on You Tube or soon at Ohioansagainstcommoncore.com. 

A local meeting to explain Common Core will be held in St. Marys on Tues., April 29th at Calvary Christian Church, 302 W. High St., St. Marys starting at 6:30PM.  See details for this meeting on auglaizepatriots Facebook page.  Plan to attend, get informed, then get engaged!

“If we do not stand today, our children will bow tomorrow.”
Mercy Otis Warren

Review of April 3rd Auglaize Co. Patriots Meeting

It was cool and rainy on April 3rd, but the meeting room of RJ’s Coffey Cup was full of patriots ready to start a busy evening.  After the opening prayer and pledge, Grant Wisener introduced the first of two candidates running for Ohio Senate District #1, currently held by Senator Cliff Hite.  Milo Schaffner is a resident of Van Wert and in addition to farming and owning a business, he was a school board member as well as a township trustee.  Milo stated that he believes it is time for government to get out of the way and stop picking winners and losers.  He wants to see a dependable, affordable energy policy and doesn’t think that wind turbines in populated areas of Ohio are the solution.  He strongly believes that local school boards should control Ohio schools, not government or Common Core.  For more information about Milo Schaffner, please visit his website:  votemilo.com

Our second candidate for Senate District #1 was Corey Shankleton, who resides in Williams Co. and has been a minister there for the last 15 years.  He said that he felt called to run as a result of what he has seen happening in Ohio government, especially in regards to the failure to pass the Heartbeat bill and he stands for tradition marriage.  Corey said he is very concerned that the 40% of Ohio’s state budget is federally funded.  More information about Corey Shankleton’s campaign can be found at his Facebook page: CoreyShankletonforOhioSenate

Both gentleman believe in the Bible and strongly support the 2nd Amendment and both are excellent examples of “citizen candidates”, who want to serve and come home, not become career politicians.

For the second part of our program, we shifted to politics at the federal level with Stephanie Kreuz, Midwest representative for Heritage Action for America.  Stephanie explained the general purposes and goals of Heritage Action, the “action” arm of the Washington DC prime conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation.  Heritage Action helps citizens to understand the policy, process, and politics of what is happening in DC and through the Heritage Action congressional scorecard, votes by Congressmen and Senators on key bills are “graded” as to their adherence to conservative values.  (Our own Jim Jordan has a 98% score on the majority of his votes, so we are fortunate to live in his district.)  Stephanie reviewed the many informative features of Heritage Action’s website heritageaction.com and encouraged everyone to visit it to learn about current issues before Congress.  Heritage Action also works with citizen activists, through the Sentinal program, to keep Congress accountable by knowing the issues, the players and the playing field.  Stephanie encouraged attendees to become  “policy experts” on one issue of particular interest, then visit or call the offices of your Congressman or Senator, write letters To the Editor of local newspapers, and network with other activists, to make your conservative positions known and considered. 

In this important election year, conservatives certainly need to be informed to vote prudently and take action to “Make DC Listen”.

Auglaize Co. Patriots April Meeting

Most of us are more than ready for spring to be here and the May primary is closing in.  The April 3rd meeting for the Auglaize Co. Patriots will have a duel focus: at the State level we will have a “Candidates Night” with two candidates, Milo Schaffner (votemilo.com) and Corey Shankleton (Facebook.com/Corey Shankleton for Ohio Senate) running for OH Senate District #1 and Brett W. Eley, who is running for OH House District #82.  These gentlemen will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer questions. 

The second part of the meeting will focus on the federal level with Stephanie Kreuz, the Midwest representative for Heritage Action, talking about “How to Keep Congress Accountable”.  With all the issues of concern facing Congress, we look forward to hearing Stephanie’s informative presentation.

See you there:  April 3, 2014, RJ’s Coffey Cup, 901 Defiance St. Wapakoneta at 6:30 PM

Climate Change aka Global Warming Again, Really?

Did anyone listen to the Democrat all-nighter Talk-0-thon on Monday night?  The subject of this unusual event was not the $17 T deficit, the dismal economy, the tragic results of Obamacare, the continued lack of jobs or the federalization of K-12 public education by Common Core, NO, the Democrats were talking about the imminent dangers of “man-made” global warming!  Or perhaps we should say “climate change”, as we look back on one of the coldest winters we have experienced in Ohio in twenty years.  Even though poll after poll places public concern about “man-made” climate change near the very bottom of the list, the President insisted as recently as the State of the Union speech that this subject is vitally important.  More important apparently than having a decent job or being able to acquire a healthcare plan of your own choosing and certainly more important than heating your home at a reasonable cost! 

As Senator Marco Rubio asked, “When are they going to pull an all-nighter to focus on issues impacting people on a regular and daily basis, as opposed to an all-nighter on behalf of a hundred million dollar donor?”

As the May primary approaches, more ridiculous distractions to pull the attention away from Obamacare will, no doubt, be forthcoming, but for people who have lost the healthcare insurance policy they liked or have seen their deductibles and out of pocket sky-rocket, or have seen their hours on the job cut to below 30 (if they are fortunate enough to have a job) then the unprovable blame placed on the human race for the cycles of the climate change, remains a sad joke on the American people.

Auglaize Co. Patriots March Meeting

Auglaize Co. Patriots will meet on March 6th for a general meeting at 6:30 PM, RJ’s Coffey Cup in Wapakoneta.  We will be screening a recent documentary called Disinformation, The Secret Stratedy to Destroy the West.  The DVD description gives us an idea of what to expect: ” WND Films and Emmy-winning filmmaker Stan Moore present a riveting new feature-length film documentary, “Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West.” It’s the amazing true story of a top Soviet bloc spy chief who, at great risk, left the “dark side” to shine a light on the greatest source of political evil in today’s world. Living in the U.S. under a protected identity due to assassination threats, Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa reveals the secret strategies that, to this day, are undermining and destroying Western civilization. The documentary includes rare interviews, dramatic footage and high-level insider information.”

We will also have a briefing on who is running in Auglaize Co. in the May primary.

Auglaize Co. Patriots meet with Congressman Jim Jordan

At 8:30 AM on February 19th, a group of Auglaize Co. Patriots met with Ohio’s 4th District Congressman Jim Jordan and his aide, Cameron Warner at RJ’s Coffey Cup.  The goal of this meeting was to hear from the Congressman Jordan, but perhaps, even more, that he hear from us, his constituents.

We started with the pledge and prayer, and as he has often done in the past, Mr. Jordan began by thanking our group and by extension, all Tea Party, Liberty, Patriot, etc. groups, for the work we are doing to push for true conservative principles.  He also apologized for the recent remarks made by House Speaker John Boehner in regard to the Tea Party, although, he said he thought that the comments were mainly aimed at conservative advocacy groups like Heritage Action.

Mr Jordan told us about a woman he admires–Catherine Engelbrecht, who desired to clean up the fraud in the elections process in her area of Texas, and helped found the now national voter advocacy group, True the Vote.  Catherine, as a small business owner, had never been audited, but after True the Vote applied for a 501 C-4 tax exemption, her business was not only audited for the first time, but had repeated visits from OSHA and the FBI.  Congressman Jordan was involved in the hearings, when Catherine gave testimony in regard to the IRS targeting of conservative groups.  He felt that this systematic harassment of Catherine’s business was not, as the Democrats stated,  simple coincidences!

In contrast, Mr. Jordan told us that of all the thousands of lawyers available to the Justice Department, a woman named Barbara Kay Bosserman, was chosen to to be the “impartial” lead investigator of the IRS targeting.  However, this woman has donated over $6000 to the Obama campaign, which is an obvious conflict of interest and undercuts the integrity of the investigation.  Mr. Jordan said that this blatant violation of free speech will continue to be addressed in the Congressional oversight report.

To defend against the above scenarios, Mr. Jordan explained that the real answer is to change the dynamic in Congress, to win elections and especially to win the Senate back.  The House has passed any number of good bills, but all have languished in the Senate under Harry Reid, who has basically run interference for President Obama.  We have a good opportunity to accomplish a win this year by concentrating on Obamacare, but not focusing only on how bad the health care law is, but also on the introduction of patient-centered health care bills to replace Obamacare.  As part of the conservative caucus in the House, Mr. Jordan and others want to establish a House Liberty Fund, which would identify and vet strong conservative candidates to run for open House seats.  Dan Sullivan in Alaska and Tom Cotton in Arkansas were mentioned.  This Fund would mirror the highly successful Senate Conservative Fund started by former Senator Jim DeMint.

On the subject of immigration, Mr. Jordan felt that during the recent Republican “retreat”, there was enough opposition to slow down any possible comprehensive bill, but the House is still interested in dealing with border security, the E-Verify program, a good guest worker program and a way to allow highly skilled foreign students educated in the US to remain here to work.

Jordan stated that opportunities to do more to lower the deficit and balance the budget have been lost, mainly because  House leadership did not have a focused plan and the Ryan-Murray budget, which he voted against, was a grave disappointment.  He said we need to save Social Security and Medicare for those already in the program, but reforms must be made for the younger generation.  The conservative message needs to be communicated at the local level to families about how we can help the poor by welfare reform, and Jordan has introduced the Welfare Reform Act that would require an accounting of the total spending of the almost 80 social welfare programs currently run by the federal government.  This bill would also roll back spending to pre-recession levels and be tied to inflation, as well as include work requirements.

Mr. Jordan answered questions from the attendees on various bills and said that he understood the frustration of many regarding a President who ignores the Constitution and the Congress while ruling by executive order.  When asked about the possibility of an Article V Convention of States, Jordan said he would support it, if and when the necessary requirements are met.

The hour with Jim Jordan went by very fast and many more questions could have been asked, but our group appreciated the Congressman’s time and thanked him for his principled stand in the House of Representatives.

Book Review–American Betrayal by Diana West

Are you craving a good mystery or spy novel to help pass some of our cold, winter nights?  Let me suggest Diana West’s American Betrayal, The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.  This book, published in 2013,  is not a novel, but it does fit the description of mysterious spy thriller.  Ms. West has presented the research for what amounts to the “unmasking” of positions and thinking long held by many historians and the American public in regards to the “great generation”, the victory of WW II,   President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Soviet spies in the White House, Joseph McCarthy and much more.

Would it surprise you to learn that FDR’s right hand man and wartime adviser, Harry Hopkins, who literally lived in the White House during and before WW II  was a Soviet sympathizer and probable Soviet agent?  Is it possible that the Lend-Lease program, which supplied tons of equipment to the Soviet Red Army, did so to the determent of our own US military forces struggling against the Japanese?  What about the numerous attempts of Nazi generals, like Gen. Canaris, to partner with the US to overthrow Hitler, possibly ending the war as early as 1943?  Who was Whittaker Chambers or Elizabeth Bentley and why are they unknown or defamed today?  Why was Joe McCarthy’s name turned into an “ism” synonymous with witch hunting?  What are the connections between the ideologies of the USSR and the nation of Islam today?  The list goes on.

The answers to these questions are not always readily available and the “disinformation” is abundant, but Ms. West has exposed enough factual evidence in her extensive notes to elicit considerable push back from the left.  But I suggest you read it for yourself and see if it does not challenge long-held thinking and quite often makes your blood boil!